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Thank you for your interest in Summer Employment at Triple R.  Please read the following information, so you can better understand who we are and what to expect from a Summer of service with us.


The Triple-R Ranch is a non-profit Christian camp. The word of God, it's instruction and application, is the cornerstone of our philosophy while a total integration of Christian truth and principles throughout the sum of camp life is the frame work upon which we wish to build. we seek out high school and college aged people to serve on our summer staff who are motivated to be a part of a ministry that affects every camper body, soul, and spirit.

The total program of the Triple-R is derived from the distinctive ideas that a Christian camp should:


  • Be different from the types of activities and experiences a child may have at home, school, church and in his community.
  • Create and outdoor experience that will bring the camper into contact with the beauty and design of God's creation
  • Teach new skills and appreciation both in the physical and practical as well as in the vital are of human relations. 
  • Bring each camper into a saving relationship with God through instruction in His Holy word and introduction to His son, Jesus Christ. 
  • Provide wholesome fun and enjoyment through an exciting, well planned program that reflects the joy of the Christian life. 
  • Create opportunities for self discovery, personal growth, and leadership training through camping and work experiences.


Expectations and Requirements

There are a number of requirements common to both Jr. and Sr. Staff serving in positions at Triple-R Ranch. They are as follows:


  • Commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior
  • Willingness to mature and grow as a Christian
  • Capability of taking and following instructions: responding well to leadership
  • Good self-concept reflected in appearance, behavior and relationships with others. 
  • Specific requirements are given with the description of each position.


All staff are expected to be involved in our staff Bible Studies (staff builders) and maintain personal devotions. All staff are expected to be subject to regulations found in the staff manual (curfew, vehicle use, dress, attendance, etc.). Activities such as the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and non-prescription drugs are prohibited for all.

If you are hired for the 2016 Camp season, download necessary documents here:
 Senior Staff Info
 W4 Form
 VA4 Form
 I-9 Form
 Medical Form 

JUNIOR STAFF (highschool-aged staff) 
Junior Staff positions are by invitation only.  Junior Staff are selected from those who have attended and interviewed during Ranch Hand Camp.  
More information on Ranch Hand Camp 

If you are hired for the 2016 Camp season, download necessary documents here:
  Junior Staff Info
  W4 Form
  VA4 Form




The direct ministry to the campers is carried on primarily through these counselors. They live with campers, teaching them activity classes and sharing experiences, all of which are designed to develop relationships which will give credibility to the Bible classes which they teach. Counselors must have completed one year of college. Counselors minister in two-person teams in a cabin setting to campers ages 8 -13.

Support Staff live and work with the Jr-Staff (High School aged staff) and Ranch Hand
Campers, age 15-18. Support Staff work in their designated area and serve as mentors
to High School students. Those interested in working with and ministering primarily to
teenagers should apply in the following areas:

Lifeguards are responsible for the day to day upkeep of the pool. They teach the water fun
skill area each morning and oversee swim time in the afternoon. They also teach canoeing
on our River. This person must have up to date Lifeguard certification.
Kitchen Staff
The kitchen staff work under the direct supervision of the Food Service Director and are
responsible for institutional cooking and total meal preparation.
Building and Grounds Keeper
This position includes grass cutting, trimming and weeding. It also requires a willingness to
learn practical skills in the maintenance of buildings.
Barn Staff
The barn staff works under the direct supervision of the Horsemanship Director to take
care of over 50 horses at Triple-R. They are responsible for feeding, grooming, tacking and
daily barn chores. Depending on training and experience, they may lead trail rides, assist or
teach riding classes.
Barn Maintenance
This person works under the direct supervision of the Horsemanship Director, taking care of
fencing, grounds, barn and barn equipment.
Critter Corral
This person will be responsible for the daily care of our small farm animals which include:
miniature horses, sheep, goats and chickens. During the morning skill area time this person
will teach campers about the animals and give them a “hands-on” time with the animals.
They will teach an afternoon skill area such as archery or riflery.
Laser Tag Instructor
This person will be responsible for our laser tag course as well as managing games and keeping guns charged and functional. 
Nature Instructor
This person will oversee all nature classes and teach where needed. They will be
responsible for nature supplies, equipment and building.
Among other duties (such as teaching activities in the morning), these people will be the actors and/or musicians for the evening events. 

    At Triple-R there are various ministries and some are more obvious than others. What is not obvious and therefore often forgotten, is that we are all equal in God's eyes. We must realize that our work is done as unto the Lord. No matter how we are ministering, whether through cleaning, bailing, saddling, programming, or teaching our attitude and motives are the key. Our best in any positions is what the Lord desires.
    Triple-R will call you for a phone interview as soon as we receive at least two of your three reference forms and your completed application. With both your interest and ours in mind, we make decisions on each application as soon as possible.
    Each summer staff member will be asked to submit a current Doctor's physical and insurance form (forms provided by RRR). In the event of a medical emergency or illness which is not job related, the staff member or his/ her family will be responsible for paying all expenses. Job related accidents are covered by workman's compensation. Time off for summer staff is from Friday evening at 7:30pm until Sunday at 3:00pm.

All summer staff are expected to be here for the entire time they are hired unless special permission is granted in writing by the Triple-R prior to the beginning of camp. Dates of employment include the week of Pre-Camp orientation and Training, a very important part of our program. It is desirable that applications can commit for the entire summer.
Salaries for Summer Staff members at the Triple-R Ranch begin at $200 per week. In addition to their regular salary they receive housing and meals. Normal taxes will be deducted from all staff member's salary, and transportation to and from camp is the staff member's responsibility.



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