Photography Policy

If you'd like to have your photographs taken at Greenbrier Farms, there are a few guidelines, below:
- For questions, please call our office: (757) 421-4177
- There is a fee ($50 per hour) for professional photographers* to use the ranch for sessions. You may hold as many sessions as you'd like during your paid time. Recreational photography is permitted free of charge.
- Check-in is required for anyone visiting the ranch for photography purposes during office hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 9-5) (Note: photography and visitors are not permitted outside business hours, unless there is written permission. We are a retreat center/summer camp and need to be aware of everyone who is on property at any given time)
- Any areas of camp being used by others cannot be used for photography.

* "Professional photographer" is defined as a photographer who is paid money (or has been paid money in the past) for photography services using professional grade cameras. "Professional grade cameras" is defined as any camera with detachable lenses. Camera phones always welcome for free.

It's great to have people around the ranch! For professional photographers, we've got expansive options from open field to a gorgeous pond to fences to wooded areas where Fall colors come alive. We also love it when families come out.

Photos provided by: 

Daniel Jackson Studios


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